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Advanced Torah and Hebrew Roots Studies
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Discovering What The Original Text Really Says -- and Putting It All Together

For Example: In the Hebrew Text of Deuteronomy 6:4
The Shema DOES NOT say that "God (Elohim)" is One
It says that "Yahowah (YHWH)" is One

People play many word and mind games to make "God (Elohim)" into three persons,
But it is impossible to make the personal name of "Yahowah (YHWH)" into three persons.

Another Example: In the Greek Text with its Grammar it says:

We Are To Confess:
"Jesus [his renowned name]" [who is the]
"Messiah-ship In Fleshly-ness"
"[most certainly] is come [and 'these three confessions' is still come now]"
(1-John 4:2)

Now can you confess that the promised seed of Abraham is come in the flesh,
and still is in the flesh even now?

The earliest writings so state this:
"Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, writing to the Smyrnians in Asia Minor toward the close of the first century, insists upon the reality of Jesus' physical resurrection from the dead. While making this point he writes, 'But I know that even after his resurrection he was in the flesh; and I believe that he still is so.' "

Understand that Monotheism is the knowledge of the "One YHWH"
who is the only Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
This means that:
YHWH is a Singular-Being,
One Indivisible-Personality,
Having One-Intellect and One Thought-Process,
The only Elohim of Israel,
The only Father of our hero Yahoshua,
Who is resurrected to eternal life by YHWH as flesh and bone,
Who is the exalted promised Messiah now at the right hand of YHWH,
And Coming very soon to take possession of His Kingdom for the House of Jacob.

Advanced Hebrew Roots and Torah Roots

  • Moving Beyond The First-Act – Internalizing The Torah Into Your Core

  • Moving Past Organized Religion - Growing In Graciousness and Wisdom

  • Looking To The Future - "The You" Living In The Kingdom of YHWH On Earth

  • Jewish-Monotheism and Christian-Christology - Understanding The Issues Of Christology

  • Understanding Textual Criticism - What Can Be Said, What Cannot Be Said

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls, and Yahoshua The Messiah, and the "Order of Melchizedek"
    Vital To Understanding What Is Going On !

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Hear O Israel,
Yahowah our Elohim,
Yahowah is One.
And you shall love
Yahowah your Elohim
With all of your heart, and
With all of your soul, and
With all of your might."

In Yahoshua's name,
So Let It Be So.

- Yahowah,
Is The Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
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